Sobeys Quarter Century Club

Are you going to the Quarter Century Celebration?

Have you been notified that you are a 2020 Quarter Century Club inductee and have been advised to visit this site?

Are you an employee celebrating 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50 years of service and have been advised to visit this site?

Congratulations! If you are planning on travelling to the event, please fill out this MANDATORY form that will enable us to book your travel.

You will have already received a printed package with complete travel instructions and guidelines. That information can also be found HERE. Please read carefully before filling out the flight information form.

Please ensure you have filled out this form CORRECTLY and IN FULL. We will be booking your flights and we require your name EXACTLY as it appears on your government issued ID, such as driver’s license or passport. Any extra charges that are incurred as a result of incorrect information having been provided (such as flights that have to be rebooked) will be the responsibility of the Inductee.