Brian Field

Brian Field

Premier Poste:: Shipper/Receiver, AIMs, St. John's, NL
Poste Actuel:: Shipper/Receiver, Lawtons #810, St. John's, NL
Famille: Sheila; children Steven and Stacey

Qu’est-ce qui vous a le plus marquée lors de votre première journée de travail?

Meeting and assisting clients in their homes on a daily basis as I deliver and service home health- care equipment.

Quel est le meilleur aspect de votre travail chez Sobeys?

I'm proud to be part of a team of skilled and dedicated employees. We all do our best to meet the needs of our clients.

Quel est le moment de votre carrière chez Sobeys dont vous êtes la plus fière?

One of my elderly clients complimented me on how handsome I looked, only to tell me about her cataracts and vision problems a few minutes later.

Quels conseils donneriez-vous à un nouvel employé de Sobeys?

Do your work to the best of your ability, and treat your co-workers as you would like to be treated.

Pour moi, Sobeys est une...... a company that strives to provide direct services to clients who need accessibility and home health-care equipment.