Jose Marques

Jose Marques

Premier Poste:: Bakery Clerk, Food City, Toronto, ON
Poste Actuel:: Category Specialist, Mississauga Office, ON
Famille: Domenica; children Julia, Matthew, Sofia and Joseph

Qu’est-ce qui vous a le plus marquée lors de votre première journée de travail?

I remember I was very excited but nervous, it was my first real job.

Quel est le meilleur aspect de votre travail chez Sobeys?

Being part of the FreshCo. launch, and watching it grow and succeed as it moves out west.

Quel est le moment de votre carrière chez Sobeys dont vous êtes la plus fière?

It was the best-kept secret when the Price Chopper banner changed to the national FreshCo. banner in 2010. We had eight stores to prepare in 10 days; there were a lot of hours but it was very exciting.

Quels conseils donneriez-vous à un nouvel employé de Sobeys?

Everyone is willing to help, don't be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes, you learn from your mistakes. Be yourself and use your resources.

Pour moi, Sobeys est une......, and it's exciting.