Karen Farrell

Karen Farrell

Premier Poste:: Cashier, Sobeys #445, Amherst, NS
Poste Actuel:: Admin Second, Sobeys #729, Amherst, NS
Famille: Rick; child Jordan

Qu’est-ce qui vous a le plus marquée lors de votre première journée de travail?

The first day I was so nervous! I was a shy person and not used to speaking to people I didn't know.

Quel est le meilleur aspect de votre travail chez Sobeys?

The people you meet and the stories you hear.

Quel est le moment de votre carrière chez Sobeys dont vous êtes la plus fière?

My proudest moment is right now. It's being able to say that this is my first and only job, which I have been doing for 38 years.

Quel est votre souvenir préféré des 25 dernières années?

It will always be the first store I worked at store #445. We had the best times and I still share laughs with former employees.

Quels conseils donneriez-vous à un nouvel employé de Sobeys?

It might be scary at first, but take a deep breath and don't be afraid to ask questions. We are a team and help each other every step of the way.

Pour moi, Sobeys est une......

...a place where close friends and good food ideas are born.