Lisa Clements

Lisa Clements

Premier Poste:: Cashier, Sobeys, Elmsdale, NS
Poste Actuel:: Business Architect National IT, Sobeys Office, Stellarton, NS
Famille: Spouse Albert, sons Logan and Thomas, daughter Katie

Qu’est-ce qui vous a le plus marquée lors de votre première journée de travail?

I remember the staff being very friendly and welcoming. We worked in a very small store and it felt very much like a team.

Quel est le meilleur aspect de votre travail chez Sobeys?

The best part of working at Sobeys is the people I have to opportunity to work with every day.

Quel est le moment de votre carrière chez Sobeys dont vous êtes la plus fière?

I am very proud to have been a part of all of the SAP transformation teams, and being given the opportunity to meet and work with many great people across the country. It has been very rewarding.

Quels conseils donneriez-vous à un nouvel employé de Sobeys?

Think of the customer in everything you do, and never be afraid to ask for help.

Qui est la personne que vous admirez le plus?

My parents for their love and support.

Si vous pouviez vivre n'importe où dans le monde, où serait-elle?

I love living in Nova Scotia; it is home.