Andrea Reid Goodwin

Andrea Reid Goodwin

First Position: Pharmacy Student, Lawtons, Halifax, NS
Current Position: Pharmacy Manager, Lawtons #895 Cobequid Road, Dartmouth, NS
Family: Daughter Kelsi, sons Ryan and Jake

What do you remember most about your first day on the job?

I was feeling a bit ill and a bit lightheaded. It had a home health care department so it had a bed and I remember going to lie down there and thinking that this was a great first impression! It just went up from there!

What is the best part of working at Sobeys?

My co-workers are like a part of my extended family. Being at one store for 19 years and the other almost 10 years, I've seen the same people day in and day out.

What is your proudest moment as a Sobeys employee?

Seeing my students flourish.

What advice would you give to a new Sobeys employee?

Work is what you make of it.

Who do you most admire?

It may seem cliché but I most admire my mom.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Halifax is my home. I'll visit other places but always live here.

My Sobeys is... family.