John Byrne

John Byrne

First Position: Cashier, Lawtons #142, St. John's, NL
Current Position: Front Store Manager, Lawtons #887, Paradise, NL

What do you remember most about your first day on the job?

I started out on cash and it was a little nerve-wracking, but the crowd that was there welcomed me and cheered me on.

What is the best part of working at Sobeys?

The people I've met through Sobeys over the years are amazing and the people I work for are awesome. You come in and talk to your customers and they love the programs and they love the specials and the atmosphere. I think it means a lot to everyone who comes in.

What advice would you give to a new Sobeys employee?

When you first start with the company and you move your way up the ranks and through all your hard work and dedication the boss comes to you and says, "We want you to run a store", I guess that was my proudest moment.

My Sobeys is...

...everything. I've been here for 26 years and have met my best friends in Sobeys.